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Qualities That Separate Good Web Designers from the Wannabes

A good web designer finds a perfect balance between art and business. When developing your web page, they will take into account the message that you want to convey as well as the manner in which the audience will react to the interface. In other words, a good designer will have your interests and those of your audience in mind. Amazingly, not all web designers has today are willing to do this. An average web designer will design the next site similar to the last one. An experienced designer, on the other hand, understands the importance of a well-thought website. For this reason, he will devote much effort and time to deliver the best results. This, among other qualities, distinguishes professional web designers from wannabes.

Knowledge of Key Elements

Professional web designers are fluent in myriad design techniques and programs. Even so, it helps to ask. Great web design principles have to be learned – they are rarely innate.  Learning is a process and doesn’t happen overnight. For designers to produce quality work, they have to continuously improve their crafts.

Make Content Accurate

This can look like a no-brainer, but you’d be amazed at the number of websites with inaccurate and incorrect information. A professional will ensure that all the content contained in your website is relevant, hyperlinks are valid and all the information is correct.

Great Learners

Professional web designers are always updated with what’s new in the industry. They strive to learn new stuff ever day. As such, a pro web designer can advise you appropriately on what will work well for you and what won’t.

Problem Solvers

While developing projects, designers encounter various problems. Challenges are part of the process. Rather than getting alternatives, a professional web designer will look for solutions.

Keeps Clients Posted

A good web designer will inform you on every step of the project. He or she will actively involve you in the process possibly by scheduling regular meetings whereby you can review the progress of your project. A good designer knows the importance of transparency and values clients’ trust by keeping them updated.

Excellent Communication Skills

A good web designer knows the importance of articulating his ideas and thoughts to other members of the team – it has a direct impact on the final product. He will communicate his vision well to ensure that the results are perfect.

Knowledge of Your Market

One factor that impedes the success of a website is a lack of knowledge of the industry that the designer is working for. A competent web designer will have the target market in mind while developing the website, and will create a design that suits it.


Great web designers has today approach each of their projects with an innovative mindset. They employ critical and creative thinking when it comes to graphic design. They explore new boundaries and push their ideas forward.

Good Interpersonal Skills

Professional web designers are easy to work with. Their passion and integrity are what drives them to have a personable characteristic. It is very easy to get along with designers who value not only their craft but the people they work with. Professionalism and keeping a good relationship with their clients are their ultimate advantage

When comparing web designers has to offer, be sure to look out for these above-mentioned qualities. A designer with all these qualities is capable of getting you a great website.