Web site advantages for enterprises

The director of “MediaCity Communications” Mikalai Hryb has made a speech today at a meeting of “MinskGorPisheProm” ( the consolidation of agroindustrial companies of Minsk and Minsk region). His speech was dedicated to future prospects of the Internet usage by Belorussian businesses. This meeting was visited by the chief executives of bread-baking, milk and meat-packing plants and others.

The questions of corporate web site structure, its desirable design, its main and the most important functions, typical mistakes and wrong beliefs in this sphere and the best way to avoid them have been also touched upon.

The core moments of the review are the following:
1) The ways to increase electronic commerce:
2) New markets entries;
3) Customers’ support through the Internet

Mikalai Hryb focused the participants’ attention on some aspects, that need urgent solution. One of them is the Internet usage as one of the necessary medium equally with traditional ones in the field of marketing. When delivering his speeach, Mikalai Hryb emphasized that the Internet and its resources are developing very fast now. That’s why it is extremely important to have a powerful web site in order not only to be at the same level with competitors but to enlarge productive potential through the Internet as well.

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