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We find the right solutions, for your business needs in the USA and Europe. We help you with business formation, tax optimization and capital and property protection.

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You want to handle a project in Europe or expand to Europe? We are happy to help you.

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Our team consists of experts in business formation, tax optimization and asset protection, specialized in Europe.

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You do not know exactly what you need for your Europe project? We advise you and find the best solution for your new project.

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Crypto & Fundraising

Project supervision and support, conceptual design, implementation of various crypto-based projects and
fundraising/crowdfunding campaigns.

Energy Solutions

Vertical wind turbines for your private home or your whole company as self-sufficient energy solutions in problematic energy situations.

Incorporation Europe

Business start-ups, assistance in the conception and implementation of your business goals, tax optimization, asset and property protection. Creation of foundations and associations.

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Please feel free to contact us. We’re super happy to talk with you about your business goals and challenges.

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Cryptocurrency Projects & Finance


We love to design, guide and develop projects in the crypto space. The blockchain has already secured its place in the future. Thanks to our partner network, we have the right contacts for the implementation of crypto projects of all kinds and needs. 

We are particularly proud of our ability to fund projects through crowdfunding. In doing so, we select the right legal entities, partners and take care of the contract drafting.

Our experienced project support ensures the success of most projects.

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Energy Solutions and Services


We are exclusive European partners in the distribution of self-sufficient energy solutions. In politically windy times like we are currently experiencing, energy security is an important asset. Our partners are able to make the energy supply of houses self-sufficient or to supply entire company complexes with energy. Due to the current high electricity prices, the return on investment is not long in coming.

We are an expert in this field

Imagine being independent of your electricity provider. What we offer:

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Incorporation Europe & tax optimization


In case you are considering to expand your business to Europe or to distribute your products in Europe, we will be glad to assist you. But our service does not stop here, we will also help you to find the right company structure, help you with the company foundation and with the tax optimization. You will receive a competent full service from one source.

We are an expert in this field

Imagine if you could implement all your strategic European plans, within just a few weeks.